Yentl Doggen

Professional drummer and freelance musician traveling the world.


Freelance Musician

As a freelance musician, Yentl has performed in various settings, playing an array of instruments including drums, percussion, guitar and piano. He has played in symphonic orchestras, in operas and musicals, jazz-, rock-, funk- and big bands, for studio recordings, in electronic music settings, as well as many others.

Conducting & Composing

Yentl’s expertise in conducting and composing began in 2011 when he took the conductor and artistic director position for the Drum- & Percussion band Paal. In 2016 he took the same role for the Meerhouts Percussion Orchestra and continued with both these orchestra’s until he left for travel in 2019. Yentl gained his advanced knowledge of electronic music composition through his work in Live After Tomorrow, his graduation project, completed in 2017.

Drums & Percussion

Yentl’s passion for drums & percussion began when he started to play in his local drum- & percussion band and has since progressed into making it his profession. Focusing on playing the drums in a variety of settings, he is a sought after drummer. He became a Laureate in the Belfius Classics Contest, winning the first prize in 2012.


Yentl began teaching in 2010, instructing private drum lessons before teaching at the Music Academy Zaventem and the JMA Sterrebeek in 2016. He continued to teach at both until he left to travel in 2019. While travelling, he taught music at King Island District High School (AUS) in 2020 and gave private lessons on the Island.

All degrees obtained at: LUCA School Of Arts, Campus Lemmens Leuven, Belgium



While completing his studies in jazz, and drums and percussion, Yentl also studied as a music educator. During this degree, Yentl was exposed to a diverse range of teaching styles and had the chance to work in multiple schools throughout the degree.

Master of Music -Drums & Percussion


Yentl’s main passion in music has always been drums. Fortunately, while completing his Master of Music, he was able to major in both drums and percussion. During this period, he learned from and worked with many talented musicians, including Alois Verbeeck, Luk Artois and Carlo Willems. He graduated with great distinction in 2017.

Bachelor of Music – Jazz Studies


While completing his jazz studies, focusing on jazz drums, Yentl was able to work alongside many great musicians, including Frank Vaganée, Bo Van Der Werf, Bart Van caenegem, Peter Hertmans and Dré Pallemaerts, his drum teacher.

KSO Lemmensinstituut – Music


Yentl began exploring his passion for music and musical studies through his time at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. This high school formed the perfect preparation for university studies. Throughout his time in the KSO, he had lessons with Andres Liefsoens, Alois Verbeeck and Geert Verschraegen. He graduated with great distinction in 2012.