Back to the Island!

Here are some updates on my travels. After spending the last two weeks back in Melbourne and exploring the coast a little more (big shoutout for Issy and Nick for having me sleeping on their couch), I have found myself back on King Island! It was not my original plan, but having missed music and getting low on money, haha, I decided that two weeks of work and play would be a good little break. It is great because the band was itching to get back together for a gig, which they have planned to do the last Friday that I will be on the Island. It is also really lovely to be back to catch up with all the friends I made while I lived here for 14 months! Even though I was only away a few months, it will be nice to see them again! Anyways, I will keep you updated on my music while I am here!

I can’t wait to go somewhere warmer, though!

Love, Yentl xx

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