The opposite direction!

Hello bloggers,

I got some updates for you! :)

From Hobart to Bruny Island and now to Freycinet National Park! Yes, I just spend the last 3 nights camping and hiking on Bruny Island and got everywhere I wanted to go by hitch-hiking! I am already working on a little after movie so that shouldn’t be too far away either. :) (update: here is the after movie) The albino wallaby’s and the Cape Bruny Lighthouse are checked off the list. I even got to spend a night at the neck and completed all the walks I wanted to do in the South Bruny National Park. Big success!

Also, when I was walking/hitch-hiking on Bruny Island I found a lovely person that was going to drive up the east coast of Tasmania and offered me a ride anywhere. So I decided once again to throw all previous travel plans overboard and to just go with the flow. That flow brought me to Coles Bay, at the edge of Freycinet National Park. What happens from here will be for the next post but after four days of camping, I need to have a shower. :)

Talk to you later! x

Lots of love, Yentl

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