Reunion concert: Yentl As Anything

Hello everybody!

I’m back on King Island for two weeks and therefore it’s music time again! After catching up with Yentl As Anything last Sunday we decided to plan a gig next week! The island has been quiet for a while so we are expecting a big one!

Currie Club will be the place to be on Friday the 23th of April :) We are looking forward to it!

See you there!

Love, Yentl (As Anything)

Yentl As Anything:

Video: Round The Twist – Lighthouse

Hi all!

Last week I got to fulfill a little childhood dream by visiting the Split Point Lighthouse in Aireys Inlet, just beside the Great Ocean Road! This lighthouse is the featured lighthouse of the iconic Australian series Round The Twist. The series made it to Belgium and was always one of the more stranger ones I remember watching as a child. I decided to make a little after movie with the original into music from the show! It is probably the most random video I have made to date! What else would you expect? :)

Love, Yentl

Videos in Victoria – Australia

Back to the Island!

Hi everybody!

Here are some updates on my travels….

After spending the last two weeks back in Melbourne and exploring the coast a little more (big shoutout for Issy and Nick for having me sleeping on their couch), I have found myself back on King Island! It was not my original plan, but having missed music, and getting low on money haha, I decided that two weeks of work and play would be a great little break. It is super awesome, because the band was itching to get back together for a gig, which they have planned to do the last Friday that I will be on the Island.

It is also really nice to be back so I can catch up with all the friends I made while I lived here for 14 months! Even though I was only away a few months, it will be really nice to see them again!

Any ways, I will keep you updated on my music while I am here! Can’t wait to go to go somewhere warmer though!

Love, Yentl xx

Photos – The Grampians


The editing of my travel videos is running behind at the moment. While I’m still working on the South Coast Track video, I am also traveling simultaneously. This week I visited the Grampians in Victoria. Although I shot some stunning raw footage, it will probably take some time to reach my website. Nevertheless, I got some photos I can share with you already. I’ll keep you updated :)

Love, Yentl

Videos in Victoria – Australia

This was in the planning for two years!

Hello everybody,

Here is an update on my travels! :)

Ever since I lived in Melbourne almost 1,5 years ago I was planning a camping/hiking trip to the Grampians. Running out of time and money the first time I was in Melbourne I couldn’t make it and choose to walk the Great Ocean Walk instead. As this is the second time in Melbourne for me, I was going over the things that I didn’t do before and yes, It’s time for the Grampians! With Easter Monday being a public holiday the busses and trains from Melbourne to the Grampians lined up surprisingly good (better than on normal days! -> weird) so off we go! I’m not sure what will be in the planning as I don’t have a car to get around, but as usual, I’ll just figure it out when I get there! :) 

Talk later! xx


Videos in Victoria – Australia

Music theory tests


As the last part (for now) of the music theory exercises I just uploaded music theory tests. You can find them on the MUSIC TOOLS page.

Feel free to use it for practicing or teaching.

Have fun!

If there are any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to CONTACT me.

Love, Yentl

Video: Hobart – Tasmania, Australia

Hello :)

Here is the video of my trip to Hobart in Tasmania, Australia! I had a great time in Hobart filming and editing this video. I hope you enjoy watching my little adventure! I’ll keep you updated on the next one. :)

Things we get to see in the video (in order of appearance):

  • Airplane: King Island -> Hobart
  • Cenotaph
  • Princes Wharf
  • Beaumaris Zoo
  • Tasman Bridge
  • Mt. Nelson
  • Farm Gate Market
  • Salamanca Market
  • Botanical Gardens
  • MONA
  • Mt. Wellington
  • Lords Beach
  • Constitution Dock
  • St. David’s Cathedral
  • Rivulet Park
  • Lindisfarne
  • Bellerive
  • Cascade Brewery
  • Fern Tree

With love,


Other videos in Tasmania