Day 9 and 10 on the Larapinta Trail – NT, Australia

My friend Jesse and I recently walked the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, just outside Alice Springs. We captured our trip through film, photos and in a journal. I have added pictures and extracts from Jesse’s journal to experience the adventure with us. Videos will follow soon.

Lots of love, Yentl and Jesse.

Day 9: Ellery Creek to Hugh Gorge

We were off in the morning by 9 am for our 32km day. We got halfway about 1 pm and had lunch for an hour. We were fortunate today that it was clear and sunny but not too hot, so walking in the heat of the day wasn’t bad at all. Jesse moved faster in the second half of the day and left little notes on the km markers. We surprised Richard and Noel at camp because we told them two days ago we would split this day into two sections.

Day 10: Hugh Gorge to 4/5 junction

Thinking that we did the most challenging part of the day, the hot afternoon was a rude shock. However, we knew it would not be an easy day. We decided to sleep in and have a dance party at camp until 10 am today. We had much rock-scrambling to do, and the side-track took us four times longer than expected. The Razorback Ridge – Windy Saddle – Rocky Talus sections were super steep and rough but very beautiful. Since we lost so much time in the morning, we had heaps of rock-scrambling in the dark to make it to camp.

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