Yentl As Anything

It’s been quite the year. We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. Travel plans stayed out as simply no travelling occurred. And like almost all scenarios for everybody seemed not to work out, the same goes for someone travelling the world. It gets pretty hard when suddenly all countries, states and cities close their borders. Moving to King Island for four months turned out to be longer than expected. Only recently, we celebrated my first whole year on the island. But good and bad things usually come together. I didn’t do any travelling but suddenly had the chance to form a deeper connection with both the island and its people. Besides teaching and getting involved with the local recording studio, I started my band.

Yentl As Anything was formed pretty quickly after realising I was going to stay longer than expected. We started rehearsing on and off, following the guidelines from Tasmania. Luckily we never had any lockdowns on the island, but the limit on gathering with people wasn’t helping. Eventually, we got our first playlist together and played a debut concert at the Currie club in August. Dancing wasn’t allowed but seeing everybody moving on their chairs gave us the energy to continue. Since my Australian visa extension requires me to work until the end of January, we still have some time on our hands. We put some effort into getting more gigs, and I’m happy to share them here with you. It’s been a lovely year, maybe a bit too long for me to live this remotely, but it is what it is, and I’m still very happy with it!

  • 19/12/20: Harbour Bash in Currie (w. Rusty Falcon and The Lankys)
  • 26/12/20: Boxing day at King Island Club
  • 26/01/21: Australia Day in Naracoopa