Day 39 – vlog – Australia – Perth – Kings Park

I think of myself as a city person, and I stay convinced that I love cities. However, every time I’m in a city, I urge to check out nature and go for walks. More than ever before, I love walking around and feel satisfied after a long day of hiking.
Today we are making our way to Kings Park and the botanical gardens. On the way, I first have to check out the blue boathouse. A famous place in Perth to visit, and it makes for some good Insta-pictures, they told me. Walking in the park, which is an excellent place by itself, I bumped into probably my first typical Australian sign, Bandicoots. I’m sure more of these signs are on the way, but I already love this one! The botanical gardens were great, and I got some stunning views of the city. In the evening, I went to an indoor climb centre; I used to do this a lot in Belgium and keep doing it as a traveller. I think this will be the second one on the list :)

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