Travel time!

Hi everybody!

From the first of January 2019, onwards I will go traveling for an indefinite duration. I will only be limited reachable by Facebook Messenger and E-mail ( There is the option to follow my travels by subscribing to this website. Enjoy 2019 & thanks for all of you being so amazing!

See you soon!

Love, Yentl

Davinciie Update

A little bit of news around the occupation of Davinciie! Our drummer Yentl Doggen will start travelling the world in 2019. The plan is, of course, to resume Davinciie afterwards!

Our bookers don’t have to worry, there is already a very strong temporary replacement. Soon to be announced!

2018 is almost over.. We were very pleased to set a lot of parties and festivals on fire this year! We wish you a happy 2019 and.. If you are having a party soon, then, of course, you will do it with us?

Davinciie newsletter (08/12/2018)

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