Where did I sleep

04/10/2019 – 21/11/2019

United Backpackers – Melbourne

Every story has an ending. After almost five months calling United Backpackers my home it’s time to leave.. Not only this place but all the wonderful  people I met here have a place in my heart forever. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

26/09/19 – 04/10/19

Great Ocean Walk – Tent 

Eight nights of camping in the Australian outback! Carrying food for nine days and walking 110 km! It was awesome! πŸ™‚

01/07/19 – 26/09/19

United Backpackers – Melbourne

After moving around so much the last months I decided to stay in Melbourne for a while! United backpackers became home and the friends became family! LOVE THIS PLACE!

30/06/19 – 01/07/19 


Another night trying to sleep on a airplane!

29/06/19 – 30/06/19

Mingle Hostel – Kuala Lumpur

Second time in Kuala Lumpur on this trip! As my stay was so lovely in januari I booked this place again and it was worth it! I still knew some staf members πŸ˜€

28/06/19 – 29/06/19 

Jungle cave – Taman Negara 

We actually slept in a real cave in the middle of the rain forest. With snakes, spiders and bat’s everywhere it was something uhhm new? πŸ˜€ 

27/06/19 – 28/06/19

Wild Lodge Taman Negara

A room with a view in the middle of the rain forest! Add my best travel companion so far and you just have an amazing evening πŸ™‚ 

22/06/19 – 27/06/19 

The Cave – Cameron Highland

I just loved this place! Perfect place to stay in between all the hiking in Cameron Highlands. Met some awesome people in here! πŸ™‚

18/06/19 – 22/06/19 

Milky Coat & Sunny Side – Georgetown

A good and nice play to stay in Georgetown! Close to the center but not too noisy during the night! Definitely helped me enjoy me stay in Georgetown.

17/06/19 – 18/06/19 

Cookoobird Home – Georgetown

This seems like a nice place! I arrived very late and checked out in the morning so I don’t really know. I just had a cheap place to sleep πŸ™‚

15/06/19 – 17/06/19 

MM Capsule Hostel – Medan

What a perfect place to stay! If i knew this place was so nice I would have booked my plane some days later!

14/06/19 – 15/06/19 

Ida Guest House – Bukit Lawang

Back to Ida Guest House after the jungle trekking. Wanted to book something else but since I stored my bag here it was easier and more friendly to just stay the extra night!

13/06/19 – 14/06/19 

Gunung Leuser National Park 

Maybe one of the most beautiful sleeping places in this holiday! We were sleeping in a open jungle hut with the perfect view on the valley. We added some tropical rain and had the best television ever watching it.

12/06/19 – 13/06/19 

Gunung Leuser National Park 

A hut in the middle of the jungle. Our neighbors were some crazy monkeys. Nothing more than a sleeping bag and a river but anyway, that’s all you need right?

09/06/19 – 12/06/19 

Ida Guest House – Bukit Lawang

A nice place to stay in Bukit Lawang! Next to the rainforest with all good and bad things that comes with that. Sometimes there was no power during the day πŸ™‚

08/06/19 – 09/06/19 

Permata Inn – Medan 

Arriving late in the evening after a long bus ride and leaving early in the morning for a long bus ride. That’s what sleeping places are for, sleeping! πŸ™‚

05/06/19 – 08/06/19 

Tokyo Losmen – Berastagi

Way to expensive for what you get but still one of the cheapest around. The only cheaper you can find is without Wi-Fi. That’s what you get travelling in holiday period..

31/05/19 – 05/06/19

Bagus Bay Homestay – Tuk-Tuk

A perfect place to relax and visit Lake Toba! Not only the rooms are nice also the food is very good and cheap! 

30/05/19 – 31/05/19 


Spending the night in Kuala Lumpur international airport! Changing visum and hoping not to fall asleep and miss my other flight! πŸ™‚

29/05/19 – 30/05/19

Graha Chania Legian – Kuta

Nothing special but one of the cheapest private rooms in Kuta. I need to have my sleep since I will be flying  during the night again.

27/05/19 – 29/05/19 

The Hide Hostel – Canggu

This hostel was under construction and didn’t even look like a hostel yet. But after all those hostels on my trip that’s what just made it one of a kind, I liked it!

24/05/19 – 27/05/19

Dewa Hostel – Ubud

Although the hostel has a really good location I think it’s possible to find some better one’s around. Anyway it’s a cheap place with good tours! 

21/05/19 – 24/05/19 

Quinn Homestay – Banyuwangi

The people here are extremely friendly! A nice place to hang around with some good discounts on local tours.

20/05/19 – 21/05/19

Tengger Indah Homestay- Bromo

I don’t think it’s possible to sleep closer to mount Bromo than here. I felt like sleeping in Nepal. But with the Bromo sunrise I actually didn’t really sleep πŸ˜€

19/05/19 – 20/05/19 

Woodlot Hostel – Malang

A good hostel for one or two nights! πŸ™‚ Nothing special but extremely close to the city center! 

17/05/19 – 19/05/19

Otu Hostel – Yogyakarta 

Back in the Otu Hostel, meeting my friends again and making plans to travel together for the days to come πŸ™‚

15/05/19 – 17/05/19 

Oase Hostel – Yogyakarta 

Since I only booked two nights in the Otu hostel I had to move out as it was completely booked out the next two nights. Oase was a good second choice but not as good as Otu.

13/05/19 – 15/05/19

Otu Hostel – Yogyakarta 

This hostel is amazing! It has a great atmosphere and swimming pool! Perfect place to relax and find some people to hang around with πŸ™‚ 

10/05/19 – 13/05/19 

Rinjani Homestay – Pangandaran

It’s a strange thing in Indonesia that sometimes booking a private room is cheaper than staying in a shared room. Anyway the people hosting this homestay are lovely! 

07/05/19 – 10/05/19

Pinsini Backpacker – Bandung 

I missed the hostels so much that I booked a hostel again. I just forgot about the fact  almost nobody visits Bandung and I was all alone in the hostel.. Better luck next time πŸ™‚

04/05/19 – 07/05/19 

Gio Guest House – Bogor

This was my first private room in ages and I already missed sleeping in hostels.. There is nobody to talk to in my room? There is nothing happening.. 

02/05/19 – 04/05/19 

Sleepy Raccoon Hostel – Jakarta

Well, I was actually very sleepy in here! This travelling gets me so tired sometimes. Good to be back in Asian hostels! They are dirty but good.

01/05/19 – 02/05/19


Ooops, I did it again. Night transportation.. This time I didn’t even try to sleep but decided to start making this list πŸ˜€

24/04/19 – 01/05/19

Mad Monkeys Broadway – Sydney

As I had such a good time in Mad Monkeys Cairns I decided to end this Australia trip with another Mad Monkeys Hostel. Thank god I did because it was excellent again! πŸ™‚

22/04/19 – 24/04/19

Canberra City YHA

This hostel has a free sauna and swimming pool! As almost no backpackers visit Canberra it’s full of 50+ people haha.

21/04/19 – 22/04/19

Night bus

Why do I keep on booking these night transportation? I don’t sleep and feel so tired all day πŸ˜€

19/04/19 – 21/04/19

Coffs Harbour YHA 

Another place almost nobody is visiting. A shame because Coffs Harbour is a relaxed and beautiful place! The hostel was empty except for some loud Germans..

15/04/19 – 19/04/19 

Byron Bay Beach Hostel

Byron Bay is the best! Since I had friends in another hostel I actually spended more time over there. But this hostel has the biggest hostel kitchen ever! πŸ™‚

11/04/19 – 15/04/19 

Down Under Hostel – Gold Coast 

I’ve met some crazy people here and it was super close to the beach. I had a good time πŸ™‚ 

06/04/19 – 11/04/19 

Brisbane Backpackers Resort

Well, for being in a city this is a lovely place! The people I met in here worked in Brisbane, sleeped in all hostels and decided this was the best and with good reason!

05/04/19 – 06/04/19

Dolphins Beach House – Sunshine Beach

I stayed here again as there was no better option. This time there was no noise in the night so thanks for that! But still I don’t like the hostel.

04/04/19 – 05/04/19

Fraser Island Hostel 

I have actually no idea where I stayed. The hostel was included in my Fraser Island tour but I had such a good time in here! Fraser Island rocks! πŸ™‚

02/04/19 – 04/04/19

Dolphins Beach House – Sunshine Beach

I didn’t like this place but it was cheap and the only place on the way to Fraser Island! I think it was all the noise at night that killed it for me.

30/03/19 – 02/04/19 

Aussie Woolshed – Hervey Bay 

Yes! A good place with a nice atmosphere! Was going to stay one night but in the end spended three nights.

25/03/19 – 30/03/19

Backpackers @ 1770 

I loved this place. So many nice people. Can I please stay longer in here? πŸ™‚ ❀

24/03/19 – 25/01/19

Gladstone Backpackers 

Nobody goes to Gladstone.. That’s why you find some backpackers in this hostel that are actually just living together there. Fantastic atmosphere!

21/03/19 – 24/03/19

Rockhampton YHA

Not many people have Rockhampton on their itinerary but if you do it’s a nice hostel! Close to everything and clean. 

18/03/19 – 21/03/19

Nomads Airlie Beach 

I had better hostels but it’s not to bad either. A good place to sleep and even better, you are close to Whitsundays. I have to say, the hostel was really clean as they change beds every day.

14/03/19 – 18/03/19

Bungalow Bay – Magnetic Island

Yes! If going to wonderful Magnetic Island is not enough just add this hostel! The combination is just perfect!

11/03/19 – 14/03/19 

Civic Guesthouse – Townsville

Nothing really special but a good place to stay! Close to everything πŸ™‚

01/03/19 – 11/03/19

Mad Monkeys Cairns 

Good old Emperors Crown & good old Mad Monkeys Cairns. Sometimes you just click with a hostel a never want to leave..

28/02/19 – 01/03/19


Sleeping in a airplane is a lie someone told you. But those night-flights are way cheaper. It’s all about priorities..

13/02/19 – 28/02/19

Roadtrip in a camper

Doing a road trip in Australia is just a part of world-travelling. A must do! Is there someone who ever regret this? 

12/02/19 – 13/01/19 

Coolibah Lodge – Perth

I have no idea.. Checked in very late and left very early. Had a good night haha!

10/02/19 – 12/02/19

Fremantle Beach Backpackers

I did it again.. I booked two nights in a hostel without sleeping one night first.. Worst hostel ever!

05/02/19 – 10/02/19

Emperors Crown Hostel – Perth

No better welcome in Australia than staying here. I can just feel it, this hostel will have a place in my heart forever. Good old Emperors Crown Hostel ❀ 

01/02/19 – 05/02/19

OSS Backpackers Singapore

It’s not the cheapest hostel in Singapore but it was a good place. Thanks for making some booking mistakes and the free room upgrade!

30/01/19 – 01/02/19

Wakalily Hostel – Muar

There’s not really something to see in Muar but only for this hostel I would come again one day! πŸ™‚

28/01/19 – 30/01/19

Olive Flashpackers – Melaka

Maybe it was me,but the people working here were really strange.  Oh yeah, and you can’t have less privacy in a hostel. πŸ˜€

27/01/19 – 28/01/19

Mingle Hostel – Kuala Lumpur

Why in the world did I waste my time in the other hostel if I could have stayed longer in this one. Lovely!

24/01/19 – 27/01/19

Summer Suite KLCC

The place I learned only to book one night and than only extend it when it’s good.. I was very happy to leave πŸ™‚

23/01/19 – 24/01/19

Language Exchange Hostel – Saigon

I felt at home in this place the minute I walked in. If I didn’t had booked a plane in the morning I would have stayed longer.

22/01/19 – 23/01/19

ThΓ‘i TΓ’n Hotel – Vung Tau

Not exactly what I was expecting from a place named a hotel, but it was ofcourse very cheap. Anyway it has a good location and Vung Tau is a very underrated city!

17/01/19 – 22/01/19

Wanderlust Saigon Hostel

As there were no tourists sleeping in this hostel it was a perfect place to meet some locals. 

14/01/19 – 17/01/19

Billabong Hostel – Phnom Penh

However the Siem Reap Chilled Backpacker is a lovely hostel, this is even better. Best atmosphere and swimming pool – ever hostel.

10/01/19 – 14/01/19

Siem Reap Chilled Backpacker

A good place to stay in Siem Reap! The hostel has a nice atmosphere, good food and a lovely swimming pool. 

09/01/19 – 10/01/19

Khaosan Green House – Bangkok

This hostel is a absolute no-go.  The only good thing about it is the walking distance to the bus stop to Cambodia .

08/01/19 – 09/01/19

Night bus

The bus had actually real beds in it, which was a nice experience. I was happy to sleep in my sleeping bag as it was not clean at all. 

06/01/19 – 08/01/19

Doce Hostel – Chiang Mai

Not the best hostel in Chiang Mai but one of the cheapest. That’s the way we do it baby! 

05/01/19 – 06/01/19

Night train

The night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a must do on every’s Thailand Itinerary!

03/01/19 – 05/01/19

Once Again Hostel – Bangkok

Yes! A perfect place to stay in Bangkok. 

02/01/19 – 03/01/19

Wild Orchid Villa – Bangkok

I booked a private room for my first night to have some rest after all the flying. A good plan until I decided to have a party. I’ve only seen my bed for 3 hours. What a start πŸ™‚

01/01/19 – 02/01/19


Watching ‘Friends’ all night..