Back to the Island!

Hi everybody!

Here are some updates on my travels….

After spending the last two weeks back in Melbourne and exploring the coast a little more (big shoutout for Issy and Nick for having me sleeping on their couch), I have found myself back on King Island! It was not my original plan, but having missed music, and getting low on money haha, I decided that two weeks of work and play would be a great little break. It is super awesome, because the band was itching to get back together for a gig, which they have planned to do the last Friday that I will be on the Island.

It is also really nice to be back so I can catch up with all the friends I made while I lived here for 14 months! Even though I was only away a few months, it will be really nice to see them again!

Any ways, I will keep you updated on my music while I am here! Can’t wait to go to go somewhere warmer though!

Love, Yentl xx

Photos – The Grampians


The editing of my travel videos is running behind at the moment. While I’m still working on the South Coast Track video, I am also traveling simultaneously. This week I visited the Grampians in Victoria. Although I shot some stunning raw footage, it will probably take some time to reach my website. Nevertheless, I got some photos I can share with you already. I’ll keep you updated :)

Love, Yentl

Videos in Victoria – Australia

This was in the planning for two years!

Hello everybody,

Here is an update on my travels! :)

Ever since I lived in Melbourne almost 1,5 years ago I was planning a camping/hiking trip to the Grampians. Running out of time and money the first time I was in Melbourne I couldn’t make it and choose to walk the Great Ocean Walk instead. As this is the second time in Melbourne for me, I was going over the things that I didn’t do before and yes, It’s time for the Grampians! With Easter Monday being a public holiday the busses and trains from Melbourne to the Grampians lined up surprisingly good (better than on normal days! -> weird) so off we go! I’m not sure what will be in the planning as I don’t have a car to get around, but as usual, I’ll just figure it out when I get there! :) 

Talk later! xx


Videos in Victoria – Australia

Where it all started.

Hello friends,

After visiting Launceston and Cradle Mountain National Park I decided it was time to go back to where it all started. The weather forecast in Tasmania was pretty bad for the week ahead which made camping almost impossible. I had to give up on my plans to go walking in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park and decided to go back to Melbourne. I’ll stay the first few nights with Nick & Issy, two lovely people I met when I used to live in Melbourne. Afterwards, I’ll go back to the United Backpackers hostel (where I used to work) and visit some other things in Melbourne that are still on my list. I’m very excited as it has been a while since I last went to mainland Australia. However, I had a great great great time in Tasmania! In case you haven’t seen anything yet of my adventures I’ll put some links below :)

Like usually with lots of love, Yentl xx

Videos in Tasmania – Australia

Videos in Victoria – Australia

Heading to North-Tasmania.


I finished the South Coast Track and it was amazing! I’ll make sure the after movie will be here soon but it might take a little bit of time as I had a lot to get on video :) The South Coast Track was my last destination in South- and East-Tasmania and with only a few things left that I want to do in Tasmania, I’ll head up North! Things will get a little trickier here as my destinations are not easily reachable. Anyway, I made it to Launceston for now, where I will stay a little while to get myself prepared for everything that’s about to follow. :)

Lots of love, Yentl

What’s next? The South Coast Track!


You read me well, the South Coast Track is my next destination in Tasmania! I just returned to Hobart from Port Arthur (watch the after movie here) and I am getting myself ready for my last stop on the South-East coast. I enjoyed myself a lot in Port Artur! I went to see all the historical sites and did end up walking the Three Capes Track. As usual, the after movie will follow soon (or late) :). Anyway, having done the touristic stops I wanted to do, it’s time for the real adventurous stop.

The track is a remote 85km hike in the Tasmanian wilderness going from Melaleuca to Cockle Creek. There are no roads to drive in so on Thursday I’ll fly from Hobart to Melaleuca. There is also no real airport in Melaleuca, it’s just a little air-strip. :) The walk will take about 7 to 9 days depending on the weather. The weather is unpredictable and there are rivers to cross and mountains to climb so I might have to wait for better circumstances to keep walking. There are no shops or real campsites on the way so I’ll have to be completely self-sufficient. That’s why I needed some days’ rest and preparation-time in Hobart. I am very excited and I’ll keep you updated! :)

Lots of love, Yentl

Next stop: Port Arthur!


Yes indeed, I already finished my Maria Island trip (watch the after movie here) and the next stop will be Port Artur (watch the after movie here). For Maria Island, I can only say it was a big success! I climbed both mountains and walked the whole Island from north to south. I saw many wild wombats and even a wild Tasmanian Devil! The weather turned from hot sunny weather to rain, but we will take it as it comes. The goal in Port Artur is to walk the Three Capes Track (on the cheap as I don’t want to pay for the huts) and to see the convict’s sites. The weather doesn’t look too bad here so we are in for some good bit windy days. It is almost my last stop for the East Coast of Tasmania. I’ll keep you updated as the last stop will be an exciting one :) (click here to find out more about that last stop)

Lots of love, Yentl

Keep on moving!

Hello bloggers,

Once again I have some updates for you :)

Freycinet National park is ticked off the list ✔. After a couple of days hiking, climbing mountains and camping, I’m ready to keep on traveling. You’ll hear and see everything about it when the after movie is published -(update: find the travel video here)-. My next destination as I continue down the Tasmanian east coast is Maria Island! The main goals here are to see some wildlife and have a stroll in between the old convict buildings! Hopefully, I get to see a wild Tasmanian Devil here! Looking forward and I’ll keep you updated :)

Lots of love, Yentl

The opposite direction!

Hello bloggers,

I got some updates for you! :)

From Hobart to Bruny Island and now to Freycinet National Park! Yes, I just spend the last 3 nights camping and hiking on Bruny Island and got everywhere I wanted to go by hitch-hiking! I am already working on a little after movie so that shouldn’t be too far away either. :) – (update: here is the after movie) – The albino wallaby’s and the Cape Bruny Lighthouse are checked off the list. I even got to spend a night at the neck and completed all the walks I wanted to do in the South Bruny National Park. Big success!

Also, when I was walking/hitch-hiking on Bruny Island I found a lovely person that was going to drive up the east coast of Tasmania and offered me a ride anywhere. So I decided once again to throw all previous travel plans overboard and to just go with the flow. That flow brought me to Coles Bay, at the edge of Freycinet National Park. What happens from here will be for the next post but after four days of camping, I need to have a shower. :)

Talk to you later! x

Lots of love, Yentl