I – IV – I – V – I

Hi musicians!

Since I’m currently teaching music on King Island I made this cheat sheet for one of my piano students.

It’s a very basic chord sheet with the I – IV – I – V – I progression in major chords.

If you can use it, feel free to download it. (MUSIC TOOLS).

Any questions? Reach out! (CONTACT)


Yentl Doggen

Bass drum variations – Exercise

Hi drummers!

As I’m currently teaching drums on King Island, Australia I made this cheat sheet for one of my students. (BASS DRUM VARIATIONS)

It’s based on the same system as we used with the permutations system (MUSIC TOOLS).

We start with a basic drum groove without adding a bass drum. The second exercise adds a single bass drum, the third exercise a double and the fourth a triple bass drum groove. We finish up with a full bass drum line underneath the basic drum groove.

Nothing too complicated but might be a good warm-up today πŸ™‚


Yentl Doggen

Online Drum Lessons

Hi everybody!

8 new online drum lessons are now available as a FREE download on my website.

Follow this link and get yourself started on the drumset: ONLINE DRUM LESSONS

Topics covered in the lessons:

  1. Exploring Hand & Feet Independence
  2. Playing the Basic Groove!
  3. Bass drum Variations (8th note)
  4. Snare drum Variations (8th note)
  5. Doubling the Hi-Hat
  6. Adding the Left Foot
  7. Combining Bass & Snare Variations
  8. Combining Bass, Snare & Hi-Hat

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Yentl Doggen


Hi musicians and drummers! πŸ™‚

With changing over to this new website all the downloadable Permutations are located under (MUSIC TOOLS).

Wishing you good luck and if you need anything, feel free to reach out! (CONTACT)