10 (and more) BEST THINGS to do and see on BRUNY ISLAND in Tasmania – Australia!

After living on King Island for longer than a year, I flew to mainland Tasmania to travel around. Bruny Island was the first trip on my itinerary. I took the bus from Hobart to Kettering and then the free ferry to the Island. Loaded with camping gear, I hitch-hiked all around the Island and discovered all the hidden gems it had to offer.

1. See the Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

You can find the Cape Bruny Lighthouse on the southern tip of the Island. In combination with the Tasmanian coastline and the views of the Southern Ocean, you can’t miss this on your trip! It was first lit in 1838 and got decommissioned in 1996. However, it is still amazing to see.

2. Discover the Neck.

Bruny Island’s Neck is probably one of the main reasons to travel to this Island. The views and nature around the isthmus connecting north and south Bruny are breathtakingly stunning. The best time to come here is around dusk; you may be able to see penguins returning to their retreats!

3. See the Truganini Lookout.

The Truganini Lookout and memorial is located on the northern side of the isthmus. Climb the steps and enjoy the magnificent views of the landscape. There is a reason why this view is on the front page of the Tasmanian Lonely Planet!

4. Check out the white wallabies.

Bruny Island is somewhat known for its white wallabies. Due to the remoteness of the Island, the population has been able to grow without interruption. To find these wallabies, you will need to head down to South Bruny National Park or Adventure Bay. They were one of the highlights of my trip!

5. Walk the Fluted Cape Track.

This walk, close to Adventure Bay, is probably my favourite walk on the Island. Most people only walk the shorter route to Grass Point, but I recommend doing the entire 4km. The views of Penguin island are spectacular.

6. Libillardiere Peninsula and South Bruny National Park.

Libillardiere Peninsula is another bushwalk on the Island that I loved. However, this one is not for the faint-hearted; the walk brings you along the remote beaches in the South Bruny National Park and is about 18km in length. That being said, well worth your time and effort!

7. Have a tasting at Bruny Island Cheese and Beer.

Bruny Island Cheese and Beer makes for the perfect lunch stop on your trip! The company got founded in 2003, and the company began brewing beer in 2016, making all products from locally sourced ingredients. It really is giving you a taste of Bruny!

8. Swim at the Adventure Bay Beach.

Adventure Bay is one of the main townships of the Island. It offers various attractions and is home to boat tours that show Bruny in a different light. Swimming at the beach is a must-do after a long day exploring the Island.

9. Visit Cape Queen Elizabeth.

The walk around Cape Queen Elizabeth combines both beach and bush adventure. Walk between Big Lagoon and Little Lagoon to the highlight; the Rocky Archway at Mars Bluff. Please don’t make the same mistake I made, and make sure your camera or phone is full of charge to get some fantastic photos.

10. Enjoy the views in Lunawanna. 

It’s impossible to drive around Bruny island and not drive through Lunawanna. Make sure you stop at the little coffee shop here; great coffee and even better views.

11. Take the ferry to Bruny Island.

Yes, I know, catching the ferry to Bruny Island is unavoidable, but it is entirely worth mentioning. The views you get from Kettering and the Island onboard the boat are a fantastic start to your Bruny Island adventure. Travelling with SeaLink takes about 20 minutes, and they run 20 times a day. It is also possible to take cars and campervans across to the Island, so if that’s more your style, you are in luck! Passengers travel free of charge and don’t have to book in advance.

12.Go camping or go completely wild on Bruny Island. 

Bruny Island is full of great camping sites! If you want to go completely wild, you can consider hitch-hiking around the Island as I did. If you haven’t watched the video I made from the trip, I suggest watching it. All items on this list appear in the video! Pack your camping gear and enjoy what the Island has to offer you!

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