Two years in Australia – 24 pictures.

On the 1st of July, it’s been two years since I arrived on a working holiday visa (WHV) in Australia. It has been an absolute adventure, and I never expected to stay longer than the 1st year! I have now started my 3rd and final Australian WHV, so what better way to celebrate this than to go back through my first two years in photos! This adventure would be nothing without all the fantastic people I have met along the way; I am so lucky and thankful to have met you, and I do hope we will keep in touch.

  • July 2019: First stop: Melbourne – Australia

  • August 2019: I worked for a while in Melbourne as a barista.

  • September 2019: Visitors from Belgium!

  • October 2019: Less working – more travelling

  • November 2019: Leaving Melbourne

  • December 2019: Arriving on King Island

  • January 2020: Sunset at Currie Lighthouse

  • February 2020: Festival of King Island

  • March 2020: Enjoying the weather

  • April 2020: Horse riding with Avalon

  • May 2020: Hunting

  • June 2020: Backpackers

  • July 2020: Living on an island!

  • August 2020: First Yentl As Anything gig!

  • September 2020: Cape Wickham Lighthouse

  • October 2020: Every Sunday at Wade’s

  • November 2020: Playing with The Lanky’s

  • December 2020: Road-tripping around the Island

  • January 2021: My last month on King Island

  • February 2021: Travelling around Tasmania

  • March 2021: More travelling in Tasmania

  • April 2021: Travelling in Victoria

  • May 2021: Travelling in South-Australia

  • June 2021: Travelling in the Northern Territory

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