Day 1 and 2 on the Larapinta Trail – NT, Australia

My friend Jesse and I recently walked the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, just outside Alice Springs. We captured our trip through film, photos and in a journal. I have added pictures and extracts from Jesse’s journal to experience the adventure with us. Videos will follow soon.

Lots of love, Yentl and Jesse.

The preparations:

Today is preparation day. We will have to organize our three food drops for the next 16 days. We have spaced them so that there are four days in between each drop.

Day 1: Mount Sonder

This morning we got picked up at the hostel around 7.30 am to head out to the start of the walk. We arrived at Redbank Gorge a little bit before 11 am and chatted with the couples that had just finished the Larapinta Trail in the other direction. After setting up our tent, we had lunch. We first walked to Redbank Gorge for a swim and later went up Mt. Sonder for dinner and sunset. It was worth having to walk for 3 hours in the dark back to the campsite :)

Day 2: Redbank Gorge to Hilltop Lookout

We accidentally started this day very late. Although we had planned to wake up with the sun and walk before the heat of the day, we only woke up at 9 am. By the time we got on the trail with our packs, it was 10.30, and we walked to Rocky Bar Gap. We stopped and had lunch while talking to hikers coming from the other direction. They recommended we went further and camped at the Hill Top Lookout instead. The climb up was rough but worth the sunset views.

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