This was in the planning for two years!

Hello everybody,

Here is an update on my travels! :)

Ever since I lived in Melbourne almost 1,5 years ago I was planning a camping/hiking trip to the Grampians. Running out of time and money the first time I was in Melbourne I couldn’t make it and choose to walk the Great Ocean Walk instead. As this is the second time in Melbourne for me, I was going over the things that I didn’t do before and yes, It’s time for the Grampians! With Easter Monday being a public holiday the busses and trains from Melbourne to the Grampians lined up surprisingly good (better than on normal days! -> weird) so off we go! I’m not sure what will be in the planning as I don’t have a car to get around, but as usual, I’ll just figure it out when I get there! :) 

Talk later! xx


Videos in Victoria – Australia