Heading to North-Tasmania.

Recently I finished hiking the South Coast Track, and it was amazing! There is no way to describe it in words, and therefore, I’ll make sure an after-movie will be published soon. I promise it is going to be a good one, well worth the wait. Update: The after movie is here! It might take a little bit of time as there are many videos to go through :) As I said before, the South Coast Track would also be my last destination in South- and East Tasmania. With only a few things left that I want to do in Tasmania, I’ll head up North! Things will get a little trickier here as my destinations are not easily reachable at all. I made it to Launceston (click here for an after-movie) for now, where I will stay a little while to get myself prepared for everything that’s about to follow. :) I’ll keep you posted! Is that just me that keeps thinking this map looks better and better?

Lots of love, Yentl

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