What’s next? The South Coast Track!

I told you that the last stop on the east- (and a little bit south- now) coast of Tasmania was going to be an exciting one! (I did it somewhere in this post). And, yes, you read me well; the South Coast Track is my next destination in Tasmania! Update: You will find that after-movie clicking this link. I just returned to Hobart (another after-movie here) from Port Arthur (and another one here), and I am getting myself ready for my last stop on the South-East coast. I had a good time in Port Arthur, seeing the historical sites and walking the Three Capes Track.

The track is a remote 85km hike in the Tasmanian wilderness going from Melaleuca to Cockle Creek. There are no roads to drive in, so I’ll fly from Hobart to Melaleuca on Thursday. There is also no actual airport in Melaleuca; it’s just a little air-strip. The walk will take about 7 to 9 days, depending on the weather, which is unpredictable, and there are rivers to cross and mountains to climb, so I might have to wait for better circumstances to keep walking. There are no shops or actual campsites on the way, so I’ll have to be completely self-sufficient. That’s why I needed some days’ rest and preparation time in Hobart. I am very excited, and I’ll keep you updated! :) And look at that map now; it just looks great :)

Lots of love, Yentl

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