What’s next? The South Coast Track!


You read me well, the South Coast Track is my next destination in Tasmania! I just returned to Hobart from Port Arthur (watch the after movie here) and I am getting myself ready for my last stop on the South-East coast. I enjoyed myself a lot in Port Artur! I went to see all the historical sites and did end up walking the Three Capes Track. As usual, the after movie will follow soon (or late) :). Anyway, having done the touristic stops I wanted to do, it’s time for the real adventurous stop.

The track is a remote 85km hike in the Tasmanian wilderness going from Melaleuca to Cockle Creek. There are no roads to drive in so on Thursday I’ll fly from Hobart to Melaleuca. There is also no real airport in Melaleuca, it’s just a little air-strip. :) The walk will take about 7 to 9 days depending on the weather. The weather is unpredictable and there are rivers to cross and mountains to climb so I might have to wait for better circumstances to keep walking. There are no shops or real campsites on the way so I’ll have to be completely self-sufficient. That’s why I needed some days’ rest and preparation-time in Hobart. I am very excited and I’ll keep you updated! :)

Lots of love, Yentl