Next stop: Port Arthur!

The Maria Island trip finished, and it was amazing! I’ll be making an after-movie very soon, so keep your eyes open for that one! Update: watch the after movie here. The next stop will be Port Arthur! Update: also, watch that after-movie here. When it comes to Maria Island, I can only say it was a big success! I climbed both mountains and walked the whole Island from north to south. I saw many wild wombats and even a wild Tasmanian Devil! The weather turned from hot sunny weather to rain, but we will take it as it comes. The goal in Port Artur is to walk the Three Capes Track (on the cheap as I don’t want to pay for the huts) and see the convict’s sites. The weather doesn’t look too bad here, but we are in for some good windy days. It is almost my last stop on the East Coast of Tasmania. I’ll keep you posted, though, as the last stop will be an exciting one :) Update: click here to find out more about that last stop. If you ask me this map is starting to look awesome:

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