Video: Freycinet National Park – Tasmania, Australia

It’s only been a day, and another video got finished editing. Here is my trip to Freycinet National Park! In the video, you’ll see I did lots of hiking and climbing in Freycinet Park. I had the best time filming and editing. Hopefully, you enjoy watching my adventure! See you for the following video. Which shouldn’t be too far away either; I’ll just need some time to shoot new footage :) Here is a list of things that appear in the video:

  • Richardsons Beach
  • Wineglass Bay (lookout)
  • Freycinet National Park peninsula (walk)
  • Wineglass Bay
  • Hazards Beach
  • Cooks Beach
  • Cooks Hut
  • Mount Freycinet
  • Mount Graham
  • Wineglass Bay Beach
  • Mount Amos
  • Richardsons Bay

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