I am making travel plans again!

I told you guys last month already that I’m slowly making travel plans again. So, this time I got some exciting news to share! Today was my last day of work at King Island Dairy! I’ve been working here for the previous 14 months, which is way longer than I could ever anticipate. It’s been such a great experience, and I had a perfect time living so remotely. And, yes, if you were wondering, I do know a lot about making cheese now. But at the moment I’m delighted to have finished working. My main goal is still to travel around in Australia and hopefully soon even to other countries again. Of course, at some point shortly, I will miss doing this job. Even living my life on the Island will be something I’ll always look back on positively. Alas, a traveller is a traveller in the end, and after 14 months, it is time to go and explore again.

Next Thursday I’m flying to Melbourne. Back to where I come from and a place I’ve lived five months before I got to King Island. The first thing on my to-do list is catching up with the friends I made here. Most backpackers will be gone by now, but I still know the locals. Since I’m only flying next Thursday, it also gives me enough time to catch up with everybody on King Island before leaving. Once I arrive in Melbourne, I’ll take some time to get used to mainland life again, and my Tasmania trip also needs some more preparation. I can’t wait, but I am also a bit sad leaving everybody! I’ll keep you updated on this website, It will get busy again, and I can’t wait to start writing and making videos again

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