I am making travel plans!

Hello everybody!

Exciting news from King Island, Australia! Today was my last day of work at King Island Dairy! A job I did for the last 14 month. And in case you were wondering, yes, I do know a lot about making cheese now :D. However I’m very happy at the moment to have finished working I also know that at some point I will miss doing this job and even more living my life on the Island. It has been a long time but also a very good time, alas after 14 months it is more than time to go again. A traveler is still a traveler in the end :)

So! Next Thursday I’m flying to Melbourne. Back to where I come from to catch up with the friends I made there (locals, because most backpackers are gone haha). It also gives me enough time now to catch up with everybody on King Island before I leave. Back in Melbourne I’ll take time to rest a little bit and prepare my Tasmania trip! I can’t wait but I am also a bit sad leaving everybody!

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated!

Love, Yentl

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