One last concert: Yentl As Anything

After our concert in Naracoopa, yesterday to celebrate Australia Day. The little Yentl As Anything tour is finished. We had a lot of fun practising and performing the last weeks. And, I think it’s undeniable that you guys had fun as well. All the concerts we played were such an enormous success, and everybody was having some great nights. Since I’m leaving the island soon, many people are asking us to play one more time. We have been sitting together with the King Island Pub and found another day to play a gig. Saturday the 6th of February it’s the last Yentl As Anything gig for now as it’s also my last weekend here on King Island! It is going to be a big night! Make sure you are there :) Here’s a minor update on our tour schedule and some links to the pictures of the events, in case you missed them. Thanks, everyone for all the support, both here in Australia as in all countries everywhere where I have readers :) Love you all!