Video: Melbourne – Australia

It’s been a while now since I posted some updates here on my website. After the daily vlogs I made in the first six months, I settled in Melbourne to have a more consistent life again. Apart from my first big hike at the Great Ocean Road, there wasn’t much daily excitement to make videos. Not that I didn’t have a great time; living in Melbourne was fantastic. I pretty much spend the entire time living and working in a hostel in the middle of the CBD. What an experience that was! There is always something going on in a hostel, and so many people come and go all the time. Unfortunately, after recording and editing so many videos in the first six months, I didn’t always feel like recording videos. Even when I recorded videos, it is impossible to get the atmosphere of daily life in a hostel on tape.
Only recently, I moved from Melbourne to King Island to get some regional work done. I was pretty low on money, and I could use a little break from busy city life. It was amazing to come home after work and watch some of the videos and experiences of the last year. Apart from doing so many amazing things, I also met so many amazing people. So, having some time in the evenings, I started putting together a video again. And here it is, my little adventure in Melbourne. A short but powerful video with all the small bits I did get to record in the last months :) Thank you to everybody that made this experience so wonderful. It’s been a great time, and I’ll be back in Melbourne soon!

Melbourne – Australia 2019

Videos in Victoria – Australia