Day 150!

We have reached another milestone! It has been 150 days since we started the new year. For me, that means I’ve been travelling for 150 consecutive days. It is, therefore, modestly beginning to become a whole pile of sleeping places, planes, experiences and even countries. I try to keep track of it all, but some lists are starting to get long. And best of all? There is no end in sight at all!

After the first five weeks of energetically crossing five countries in Southeast Asia, I was a bit shocked at the end of my three-month trip to Australia. I’ve been touring as fast as possible and hadn’t even seen what I planned. Instead of travelling to New Zealand, I decided to return to Australia to complete my planning. Unfortunately, there was a problem with that decision. My budget is not calculated on a return to Australia, let alone travelling further to New Zealand afterwards. The only solution I have found for this is to work in Australia for a while. That way, I can save some money to explore the rest of this country and the other countries on the list. But I couldn’t start working after four months of travelling around, surely that would be very soon? And that’s where Indonesia suddenly came up! How long? Well, at least two months to travel around the first six months of my trip! And let the coincidence exist that today, 150 days, that journey is half. Back on the plane tonight, and after three weeks in Java and a week in Bali, I start tomorrow, my 151st day in Sumatra.

Was it working in Australia? What exactly does that mean? For you, this means above all that everyone is more than welcome to come and visit me. I’ll be in Melbourne for the coming months (from precisely the 1st of July)! For me, that means that I may not land in Belgium for the rest of 2019. It is unknown how long I will be away in total. With working a while and travel a bit further, it will not be for this year. Should it possibly (you never know) fail to visit Melbourne this year, I will, of course, only be as far away as you want. I will always remain active on our well-known social media. If you’re going to call me for whatever reason, always welcome! Depending on the time zone and what my days look like, it can sometimes take a while, but I try not to leave my messages unanswered!

Enough about the logistics and more about the travel itself! Apart from a minor but annoying scooter accident, I can’t complain at all. I have to admit that it is a bit of a shame when you start appreciating travelling a little less. Enjoy less is not the right word, but after travelling around very intensively without taking too much rest, some things become standard. It’s not that exciting anymore to pack your backpack and go to another place and visit or see things daily.

Of course, I’m not tired at all, and I’m still super happy to be here and doing this, but it’s slowly starting to weigh on me. At the end of my three months in Australia, I felt the fatigue set in. Changing country and travelling to Indonesia has given me some energy. Especially with almost two weeks of taking it easy because of my accident (unfortunately, I also neglected filming because of that, as will become apparent in the following videos). I can’t wait until I can cross some crazy things on my bucket list again! But even now, I feel that I am not fully rested or have been able to process the past few months. It’s against my expectations, but I’m looking forward to staying at the same place in Melbourne for a while and getting back into some routine. I’m well aware that it won’t be long before the travel jitters take over again, but for now, you won’t hear me mourn to go back to work!

And what else after 150 days? I’m tired of wearing the same clothes all the time! I only have three t-shirts and three pairs of shorts with me! That means I’m switching between three of the same t-shirts all the time, and I haven’t worn long pants for 150 days. The noisy people, cold showers and dirty hostels from the previous posts don’t bother me anymore. They are part of my living environment. You even get used to those things! I’ve had to lower my standard of living a bit, but that’s a detail.

I can hear some of you thinking, is it still lovely there? I can assure you that things are still going great here and that this decision is still one of the best. Despite my accident and fatigue, I’m still having a great time here. Not knowing what day it is, what you will do the next day or where you are going to sleep that night is a beautiful feeling! If they come to me on a Saturday and ask if I’m going for a drink because it’s Saturday and I don’t feel like going out that evening, I can only answer. Saturday? It’s Saturday every day!

That will be it for this post. I have a plane in three hours; I still have to go to the pharmacist. I don’t know yet how I will get to the airport. And I’ll spend the night again at Kuala Lumpur airport. I will have to apply for a Malaysia visa to get a stamp that I have entered the country and then immediately turn around to officially leave the country to go to Indonesia for my 30 days free Indonesian visa. Then on the plane to Sumatra, and I still have no idea what and where to see there or where I will even go from the airport #mydailylife

Love you.

See you soon, Yentl Doggen