Day 100!

If travelling alone for 100 days is not a good reason to provide my blog with a new post, I may just want to delete the blog. But don’t worry, haha, because yes, here it is. We’ll ignore the fact that it’s been just under 75 days since my last post! I have to admit that when I typed that previous sentence, it spooked me a little. 75 days is long, but here we are at 100 days. If you’d told me this a few years ago, I’d just laugh and say, well, it might just be the dream. But no, here I am, and it looks like it will remain that way for a while 🙂

Well, what does a person say after travelling alone for 100 days? 😀 I am feeling great? I’ve never enjoyed so many consecutive days in everything I do? How is it possible that I waited so long for this? The world is beautiful? Is the weather pleasant in Australia? I don’t even know. Last time I didn’t know where to start after two weeks, let alone after 100 days; the shame is mine. Anyway, I’m still making videos, and I’m thrilled with all the lovely comments from the people who (try to) follow where I am.

Okay, back to the blog 🙂, 100 days is 99 nights if I do remember it correctly. Well, wasn’t that something to talk about? That is 80 nights in 28 different hostels. Yes, 28 different hostels, haha; get started on that. It begins with the most fantastic places and goes to the most horrifying. We always make the best of it, but it is literally and figuratively turning a blind eye every now and then. Sometimes you’re dumbfounded looking at the shower because there is hot water. Sometimes the clutter in the rooms is worse than in my rehearsal room and my bedroom at home combined, which means something! Other times you’ll be happy that the YouTube video you want to watch on the WiFi loaded faster than 2 minutes if you haven’t already gone above the standard limit of 500MB. I think some hostels here have not been cleaned for years. But okay, it’s not all that bad, most hostels are filled with really cool people, and that’s the most important thing. We just take those noisy French guys who scream all night (they call it talking) to each other or the drunk Germans who had to switch on the light in the room several times between 3 am and 6 am with it. Admittedly, my personal favourite has to be the plastic bags of the people who check out early. It’s always a strange feeling when you want to check out at 6 in the morning and find out at 5:30 that you forgot to pack your backpack the night before. If there’s one thing you can get me out of my sleep for, it’s that. Oh yeah, don’t forget to open and close that zipper regularly or waving through the room with your flashlight; nobody notices, feel free to do so 🙂

Then there were, of course, the 15 nights in my campervan when I was going on my 6000km road trip on the west coast of Australia. I should mention that it was really remarkable, haha. When was the last time you drove 950km alone in the car in one day? That was a very long day for me 😀 Oh well, let’s say the few times I got stuck in deep sand in the middle of the Australian outback (they don’t have paved roads everywhere here) and had to wait 3 hours in the Australian heat with no shade, for someone to pull me out? Wow, those were the days. But they were totally worth it; I would do it again if it hadn’t more than doubled my budget for that month 😀 . Of course, there are still the 4 nights I spent on the plane, train or bus. Not that I slept one of those nights, but hey, it was dark outside, so they count.

I don’t really feel like I’ve been gone that long. After a while, you begin to subconsciously separate the different periods in the journey. For example, my trip to Thailand or Cambodia does not seem to be from this trip. You then tell someone you have been there once, and only later do you realize that it was actually on this trip. I really notice that it is now 100 days when you have to buy shampoo or toothpaste for the third time on the road or when you see that some people you met on the way have already returned home. My 4 empty cans of sunscreen are also worth mentioning; that’s more than in my entire life together before this trip 😀 As is the case with most things, you get used to the situation after a while. It sounds precisely negative, but it isn’t at all. After 100 days of travelling around, you have already seen many situations, and you are no longer surprised by the things that happen everywhere. I don’t want to generalize here because some people still manage to do something unusual; you come across some of the weirdest things. The most positive thing about getting used to travelling is that you immediately find yourself at home every time you come to a new place. Once you know where the kitchen and bathroom are, you are at home, quickly get to know some people, and before you know it, you are booking two extra nights at the reception.

Anyway, that’ll be it for tonight; I have to go to sleep. It’s getting late here already, and you never know what day 101 will bring! (But you have to knock on 101 because the bell doesn’t work! Still, a sad moment to hear that Samson and Gert have stopped; it’s really almost time to grow up, haha). No, the next day is often as big a surprise for me as it is for you, so I’ll try to start it being rested 🙂 In saying that, I would like to thank you for reading and for following all the videos! I don’t spend that much time on social media (or technology in general), but I’m still staring at the comments or likes every time, and I love that! 🙂 An extra shoutout to those who have called me several times over the past 100 days and keep in touch regularly. You are, of course, not obliged. But with all that travelling alone, it has been appreciated thousand times over! Lots of people around me but nothing as good as friends and family

Your correspondent from OZ,

Yentl Doggen