Day 84 & 85 – vlog – Australia – Gladstone to Agnes Water

Day two of the hitch-hiking and I made it to Agnes Water! It took me a couple of rides, but everybody was super friendly! I made friends as soon as I walked into the hostel. Usually, backpackers only arrive when the bus stops here once a day. So, when I walked in, people asked me about the hitch-hiking, and five minutes later, I was out with them exploring the beaches. The next day I pretty much spent in a Kangaroo sanctuary. Kangaroos that get hurt on the road get brought here, and they take care of them. It was a good day, and I got to feed them as well! Also, I love this hostel! It’s probably one of the best ones I’ve been in so far! And daily life is all centred outside, all year round they have good weather here! I booked only a short stay here; we will see what happens!

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