Day 70 & 71 – vlog – Australia – Cairns to Tonwsville

After saying goodbye to the people I met in Cairns, this is the official start of my east coast tour! The first ride on my bus pass I booked two days ago, and an exciting 45 days ahead. I got to Townsville and didn’t do much the first day. Haha, I know; what a great start! But travelling gets you tired sometimes. There are many places, people and experiences in short time frames. It usually doesn’t give much time to wind down. The other day, on the contrary, I had so much energy again to go out discovering Townsville. The harbour, the parks, birds and palm trees, what a time to be alive. In the evening we went up Castle Hill to enjoy the views and the sunset. I am already loving travelling in the opposite direction! People can give me tips and tricks on what’s next on my trip!

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