Day 68 & 69 – vlog – Australia – Barron Gorge NP

I cheated a little bit with this post. On day 68, I didn’t leave the hostel at all. I’ve been in Cairns for a while now and needed a plan to get me around in Australia. Doing some research, I discovered the Greyhound bus that drives along the east coast and has an unlimited 45 days pass. This way, I can get to Melbourne with all stops in between without worrying about anything. It seems that I’ll have to come back at one point to get me to the centre of Australia and Tasmania. I won’t have nearly enough time on this three months visa to see it all. I was booked in for some extra nights, so I went to the forest again the day after. Barron Gorge seemed like the best option. However, there were no busses to bring me there, so I hired a bike. It was beautiful, but the drive was hard; I underestimated those hills, haha. I will feel that in my legs the next couple of days.

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