Day 63 & 64 – vlog – Australia – Cairns

Do you remember how on the west coast, I went snorkelling all the time? I must have said it back then, but it grew some interest in diving lessons. Especially in Cairns, so close to the Great Barrier Reef, it will be the most incredible way to see the reef. I am not partying anymore and doing diving lessons from now on! Starting early in the morning, I still have time to do some exploring in the afternoon. Also, now I made friends at the hostel, I can have some drinks with them! A lot of people here are doing dive courses; some are even trying to become divemasters. Also, it turns out to be the wet season in Cairns, not that the weather is that bad; it’s still 25 degrees. It just seems to be that I miss out on many facts. The opposite travel direction and the wrong season? I do what I feel like doing, and it’s great.

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