Day 61 & 62 – vlog – Australia – Cairns

My first two days in Cairns were pretty wild! It turns out many backpackers start their trip in Sydney and end up in Cairns to party a whole week (or more) before moving further or going home. It also seems that I never have any idea about these things, haha. I’ll be doing the opposite, and I’m good with that. At least I think that I will do the opposite, haven’t made those plans yet. But the first two days in Cairns were very easy; during the day, I explored Cairns and its coastline, and at night we went out until late. Apparently, along the east coast, there is the choice between sleep hostels and party hostels. I got the advice always to check the description. I am not here to just party, I’m happy sometimes to go out, but I’m a world traveller, not a tourist!

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