Day 59 & 60 – vlog – Australia – Perth to Cairns

Despite starting this day with car problems, I made it back to Perth. The issues with my car were mainly because of putting the aircon on and falling asleep. So, in the morning, I had to wait until someone stopped and started the car. Anyway, I went to the library to upload all my videos to the cloud. The plan was to meet up with some friends made in Monkey Mia to bring me to the airport. So they picked me up at the library, we went for dinner and had some drinks at their house before taking me to the plane. An excellent end to an incredible first month in Australia! Arriving on the other side of Australia, I made friends almost immediately and joined in a bit of trip north of Cairns. We went back to the hostel and made empanadas for dinner! I was pretty tired because sleeping on a plane just never works out! But, here we go again, this time on the east coast, fasten those seat belts :)

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