Day 58 – vlog – Australia – Busselton to Mandurah

Today, on my last road trip day, I will be in Mandurah again. This time no unplanned cave day, but some time to visit the actual city. Walking into the harbour, I got to see a pelican! I never saw a real pelican before and was completely surprised by its looks. These animals look so funny with their eyes on both sides of their heads. When I walked further along the coast, I also bumped into a place that hires out kayaks. People that know me well know that I can’t hold myself when it comes to these things. And wow, what an experience; I wasn’t kayaking alone. Pretty much the whole trip, I was surrounded by dolphins that were swimming with me. What a great experience! What a day to end this road trip! I drove to a place between Mandurah and Perth to camp for the night. It’s also going to be the last chance to see the sunset from my car. It’s boiling, though, probably my hottest night in Australia so far. But what an experience this has been, I can’t wait to get to the east coast now :)

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