Day 57 – vlog – Australia – Prevelly to Busselton

This fantastic west coast adventure is slowly coming to an end. I have only two more days left with my car, so I’m heading towards Perth again. Tonight I’ll spend the night at Busselton. This place is famous for its jetty that goes 1841 meters out to sea. There is also an underwater observatory at the end of the jetty; I’m not planning to visit it, but still excited to see it.
Furthermore, there are some beaches and rugged coastline to explore. Since it’s my second last day, it will be an effortless day for me. I want to hang around and enjoy my last days on the Australian west coast. The sunset at Busselton jetty was rated one of the best in Australia, and I’m curious what that’s all about! And last but not least, I booked the plane that brings me from west to east, how excited is that!

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