Day 55 – vlog – Australia – Mandurah to Augusta

Not that I had any idea before getting all the way here, but this place is famous for caves. Great, so I followed some signs on the road and suddenly this day becomes cave day! Isn’t it lovely how these unplanned days work out so well? I suddenly lost all the stress of not having anything planned after my road trip. I feel this will be the way to go from now on. Due to the lack of people that booked a tour in the caves, I got a torch in my hands, and they let me explore it myself. I don’t know if this is the responsible thing to do, but the idea sounded great. After the cave day that I didn’t plan at all, I ended up in Augusta. I did some walking along the coast, bumped into a lighthouse and watched the sunset. This road trip has been and still is one of my most extraordinary adventures until now. It’s been great, and I am enjoying all the freedom.

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