Day 53 & 54 – vlog – Australia – Monkey Mia to Mandurah

My Monkey Mia day started with what this place got famous. And no, it’s not monkeys, as the name would suggest, but dolphins! Driving early from Denham to Monkey Mia, I got to see the dolphin feeding in the morning. Not long after, my previously booked boat trip to see both dolphins and sharks in their more natural habitat would leave. I didn’t know that the tour actually focussed more on Dugongs, also known as sea cows. That was a big bonus because not only did we see dolphins and sharks, we also saw many dugongs!
Monkey Mia was also pretty much the last place I wanted to visit north of Perth. The next day I drove the full 900+km to Mandurah, which is south of Perth. Being still in the boating mood, I ended up booking a sunset trip on the sea as well :) Here in the south, I got some friends I want to visit while still having my car.

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