Day 51 & 52 – vlog – Australia – Coral Bay to Denham

The next destination on my west coast road trip list is Denham. But first, I’ll have a stop halfway in Carnarvon! In Carnarvon, I’ll be seeing the Space and Technology Museum and checking out the general coastline. Also, here there is an HMAS Sydney II memorial, and since we learned so much about it, I want to see it. The Carnarvon area is famous for banana plantations. Therefore the big banana is a must-see. I spent the night here, and on my way to Denham, I stopped at Shell Beach. This beach has nothing to do with the company but its name because it doesn’t have any sand. It’s all shells, everywhere, and it’s big, which means many shells! Denham itself is beautiful. I went for a walk in the harbour and walked along the coastline. I even found my own Nature’s Window, although it’s nothing compared to the one in Kalbarri National Park. Have you seen all the sunsets the last few days? They are so pretty, and the weather has been good for me too. Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Monkey Mia

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