Day 50 – vlog – Australia – Coral Bay

I spent another day on the Ningaloo Coast today. Unfortunately, it is already on my way back to Perth. This fast travelling and constantly moving are fun, but I highly underestimated how big Australia is. Suppose I want to see it all; these three months will not be nearly enough. Today’s place’s name is probably one of my favourites; Coral Bay. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic place to be. To get the most out of my time here at the Ningaloo Reef, I went snorkelling the whole day. It made me think even more about getting diving lessons. It will not be for the west coast adventure, however. I might consider doing them on the East Coast to see the Great Barrier Reef. It was a good day, and I’m happy to be here! On the other hand, my GoPro is not happy at all; I think he had enough of this trip.

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