Day 49 – vlog – Australia – Exmouth

What an excellent achievement on my road trip; I made it up to Exmouth! To avoid having to drive the whole way back to Perth, I decided to do the first half with stops and then drive up all the way. This way, I can do the second half on my way back down with stops and then drive the first half back to Perth. In Exmouth itself, I spend the whole day driving around to the best snorkel spots. I’m surrounded here by the Ningaloo Reef. Not as famous as the Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast, but worth seeing. I like snorkelling, and I’m considering getting some diving lessons. Not now, because I don’t have enough time since the car I’m driving isn’t mine. Another lighthouse got added to my list in the evening, and I’m enjoying this trip to the fullest! I’m petrified for my GoPro, though; I forgot that the screen got broken, and I went diving with it. It still works, but the screen is being weird now, haha.

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