Day 48 – vlog – Australia – Kalbarri to Exmouth Gulf

Early morning’s here in Australia on my west coast road trip adventure as I have planned an 800km drive and a national park today. From my campsite close to the Kalbarri National Park, I drove there the first thing in the morning. Signs in the park itself brought me to Nature’s window. Apparently a bustling and popular Instagram spot, but I had no idea. I only found out later while uploading my picture. Strange enough, there were no other people here the whole time I was enjoying the views. The river was dried up as it’s mid-summer; maybe that’s why the real Instagrammers stayed home. Also, my GoPro fell on the ground, and the backscreen got broken. It still works, though, and I also have a spare one just in case! Let’s hope for the best! Feeling rested after the stunning walk in the park; I’m ready to spend the next eight hours driving to the Exmouth Gulf!

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