Day 43 & 44 – vlog – Australia – Fremantle to Lancelin

After having the most glorious day on Rottnest Island, day 43 was probably the opposite. Back in Belgium, I had my whole Asia trip prepared; I had places I wanted to go and things I wanted to see. Afterwards, I would fly to Australia and start my big Australian adventure in Perth. I have done the things I had planned over here, but this is also as far as my plans went. I didn’t have time enough to plan out the whole Australian trip, and there is no public transport on the west coast. Flying to the east coast was an option, but I would only spend four days along a 1500 km coastline. I went for lunch with a friend and sorted out a plan. I would hire a car and drive up to Exmouth and back to Perth. Acting fast, I called a company I knew had reasonable prices on campervans and started planning out my trip. The next day I was already driving to my first destination, Lancelin. Stopping at some great beaches and having the sunset in the campervan, I’m now officially road tripping in Australia. Not having a plan is also having a plan, but not really, haha.

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