Day 41 – vlog – Australia – Perth – Fremantle

One of the main reasons I started my Australian trip on the west coast and not the more touristic east coast was Rottnest Island. It’s a short ferry from Fremantle harbour to the island, but accommodation is too costly. Therefore I can only spend one day on Rottnest Island. To make sure not to lose any time, I moved to a Fremantle hostel today to leave early tomorrow. Walking around Fremantle, I got to explore the harbour, the old prison and the coastline. It didn’t take long for me to find myself in the water again, enjoying this great weather. I’m sorry for my Belgian readers as I know it’s winter over there. It’s just too good not to share, haha. I was surprised by some of the people I met in the Perth hostel, as they also decided to spend the night in Fremantle. I love all these last-minute decisions from everybody. It’s a lifestyle for sure.

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