Day 33 – vlog – Singapore

My first full day in Singapore! I only have limited days here as I’m soon flying into Australia, so I was out and about pretty early in the day. Back to Marina Bay to let the views sink in and to meet up with the friends I made yesterday. We agreed to meet in the big shopping mall close to the Gardens By The Bay and check out the gardens. We even went up to the hotel for a swim and a drink! The views here, all over Singapore, are just amazing. As a backpacker, it’s unaffordable to stay here, so I was happy we got to go up. The music festival was also still going on, so we went to see a concert. By the time the orchestra finished the show, we had to rush back to the gardens to see the light show. This travel is all so fantastic and working out so well! On the way back, I even accidentally ran into another ongoing concert.

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