Day 14 – vlog – Cambodia – Phnom Penh

After the circus yesterday and chatting with the drummer, I decided to move locations. In the evening, back at the hostel, I booked a night bus leaving at midnight. In the morning, I arrived in Phnom Penh. Not wasting any time on this travel, it didn’t take long for me to be out and to be sightseeing again. After loving the swimming pool in the last hostel so much, I booked a hostel here with an even bigger swimming pool. That didn’t disappoint me at all. I feel like I will have a great time here, I already met so many people, and they are all friendly. Also, in this place, I met the first Belgian traveller on this trip! Debbie is from Antwerp and is also travelling by herself. Her trip is not as long as mine, though, since she only decided to be on holiday for three weeks. Three weeks always sounded great to me back in Belgium, but then I realised this trip is going to last almost a full year.