Travelling through Asia!

Hello to all of you lovely people following my journey.

I am now 11 days into my trip, so I made some time to write a second post for you! As some of you already know, I’ve decided to post a summary video every day. You can find these videos on the video and vlog page. It is great to see that I’m starting to get some followers on this blog, and my videos have got welcomed! Thanks for all the support! I love all of you. ❤️ 🙂

My plans and adventures are changing rapidly, as I am now travelling from Thailand to Cambodia. What seemed to be a pretty lonely evening at first suddenly became an evening with great company! Fewer solo travellers here than at my previous destinations, but still meeting so many amazing people:). For the past few days, I have gotten the nickname ‘the matchmaker’. This nickname is because I matched all the people I got to know in Bangkok with the solo travellers I got to know in Chiang Mai. My plans, unfortunately, went in a different direction, but that didn’t stop the people there from still sending me pictures of their evenings together. Thailand – it was great! I was only there for a relatively short time, but I did everything I possibly could do at that time. In addition to getting to know the metropolis of Bangkok, I was able to get acquainted with classic Thailand in Ayutthaya and the somewhat quieter North in Chiang Mai. Super cool, but now ready for the next adventure. Thailand was an excellent starter for this trip because it now feels like 50 years back in time here in Cambodia. Quite curious about what the next few days will bring but with Angkor Wat ahead,!

As far as the travel itself goes, I am already pretty well adapted to this life of solo travelling. Every day it is a bit of surviving the unpredictable situation and not knowing where and when exactly you will sleep. Not knowing what day it is or what you will do the next day is normal. Every day it is a matter of looking up again what the top attractions are in the area or what hostel you can end up in this time. My impulsiveness makes me get the most out of every moment, and it may stay like that for a while. I like it here. Saying that, I hope you like it wherever you are. Make something beautiful out of 2019. Although they only celebrate New Year here on the 5th of February, Happy New Year still applies here!

Much love, your Asian correspondent, Yentl