Day 2 – vlog – Thailand – Bangkok

Here I am, all the way in Bangkok, Thailand, as a solo traveller. I took the train into the city centre but got off a couple of stops before my stop. This way, I could see some landmarks on the way to the hostel. I was super tired because I didn’t sleep much on New Year’s Eve or the planes, but wow, there’s so much energy in my body. This adventure finally started, and I’m very excited about it. For the first night, I had booked a private room, and after making myself comfortable, I went to rest at the swimming pool. But come on, it’s the second day of my travels and the first one I’m not just sitting on a plane. It was itching to get out there, but what was I going to do all by myself? I thought it couldn’t be that hard; in the end, Bangkok is the capital of backpackers. Khao San Road didn’t disappoint me at all, another night of no sleeping, but this was the best start I could wish.