Davinciie turns 1!

In between the picture on the top left and bottom right is 1 year of playing with Davinciie. We went from 20 people in a brown bar as they say, through parties and festivals with a few hundred people to just under 15,000 people in the Ethias Countryhall in Liège. We thank all our bookers who always made up for a great organization and who consciously chose a band with a danceable feelgood sound and original setlist.

People who like, follow and share us: we are grateful that we can distribute our love of music with you. In the meantime, the first bookings for 2019 are coming in … the future looks bright and we will see you very soon!

Tommy Goovaerts – Davinciie newsletter (25/10/2018)

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Breakfast Concert

The first edition of the breakfast concerts by Meerhout Percussion Orchestra! Enjoy a lovely breakfast accompanied by live music from the Percussion Orchestra itself. Send us an e-mail on contact.mpo@gmail.com before the 28th of October and we will make sure you’ll have the best spot available. The concert is on the 11th of November in Zittaart and is starting at 8 in the morning.

Hoping to see you there! :)

Yentl & Meerhout Percussion Orchestra